Frontier Research in Astrophysics - III


As we announced four years ago, the workshop will be held biennially in even years, starting on 2014. 

After the excellent results obtained during the 2014 and 2016 editions we have had the confirmation that the biennial cadence of the Mondello Workshop is the most appropriate.

The purpose of this international workshop is to bring together astrophysicists and physicists who are involved in various topics at the forefront of modern astrophysics and particle physics.  The workshop will discuss the most recent experimental and theoretical results in order to advance our understanding of the physics governing our Universe.  To accomplish the goals of the workshop, we believe it is necessary to use data from ground-based and space-based experiments and results from theoretical developments:  work on the forefront of science which has resulted (or promises to result in) high-impact scientific papers.  Hence, the main purpose of the workshop is to discuss in a unique and collaborative setting a broad range of topics in modern astrophysics, from the Big Bang to Planets and Exoplanets.  We believe that this can provide a suitable framework for each participant who (while obviously not involved in all the topics discussed) will be able to acquire a general view of the main experimental and theoretical results currently obtained.  Such an up-to-date view of the current research on cosmic sources can help guide future research projects by the participants, and will encourage collaborative efforts across various topical areas of research.   The proceedings will be published in Proceedings of Science (PoS)- SISSA and will provide a powerful resource for all the scientific community and will be especially helpful for PhD students.

The following items will be reviewed:

Cosmology: Cosmic Background, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Clusters of Galaxies.
Physics of the Diffuse Cosmic Sources.
Physics of Cosmic Rays.
Physics of Discrete Cosmic Sources.
Extragalactic Sources: Active Galaxies, Normal Galaxies, Gamma-Ray Bursts.
Galactic Sources: Star Formation, Pre-Main-Sequence and Main-Sequence Stars, the Sun, Cataclysmic Variables and Novae, Supernovae and SNRs, X-Ray Binary Systems, Pulsars, Black Holes, Gamma-Ray Sources, Nucleosynthesis, Asteroseismology.
Planetology: Solar System, Sun-like Stars, Exoplanets.
Science from large area multiwavelength surveys and deep-exposure pointings.
Future Physics and Astrophysics: Ongoing and Planned Ground- and Space-based Experiments.     

The workshop will include a few 30-minute general review talks to introduce the current problems, and 20-minute talks to discuss new experimental and theoretical results. A series of 15-minute talks will discuss the ongoing and planned ground-based and space-based experiments.  There will also be some general talks about the future directions of scientific research on cosmic sources.   The papers will pass a peer-review process and the workshop proceedings will be edited by Franco Giovannelli & Lola Sabau-Graziati.

 The location of the workshop is the Splendid Hotel La Torre, located in Mondello beach in Palermo, Italy, a venue that will provide a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

Participation is by invitation only.

Since the workshop is self-financed with the registration fees of participants,

no relief funds are available for participants.


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