Frontier Research in Astrophysics - III


The Hotel La Torre (where the Meeting will take place) is far:

Km 9 from the center of Palermo
Km 7 from the highway A 29 to Trapani
Km 13 from the central Station in Palermo
Km 11 from the port of Palermo
Km 16 from the highway A 19 to Catania
Km 30 from Falcone – Borsellino Airport

Getting there and away


Several airlines operate regular flights to Palermo "Falcone e Borsellino" airport.
For the flight schedule and to buy your ticket, please refer to the following websites which offer tariffs starting from 20 Eu.
* Alitalia: from Roma, Napoli, Bologna, Milano Linate, Milano Malpensa, Torino
* Windjet: from Roma, Milano, Bologna, Napoli
* Tunisair: from Tunis
* EasyJet: from Milano
* Meridiana: from Milano Linate, Firenze, Pisa, Roma, Bologna, Verona, Torino and Parigi
* Alpieagles: from Venezia and Napoli
* Air Malta: from Malta
* Air One: from Roma, Milano, Pantelleria and Lampedusa (via Trapani)
* Ryanair: from London
* Eurofly: from New York
* Hapag Lloyd: from Stuttgart, Hannover, Colonia, Berlin
* MyAir: from Roma and Milano

A train shuttle commuting between the airport and Palermo train station leaves every 50 minutes.


Several train connections serve daily Palermo.
Check timetables at the official website of Trenitalia.


There are boat trips to Palermo from Napoli, Civitavecchia (Roma), Genova, Livorno
For the schedule and to buy your ticket, please refer to the following websites:
* A Ferry

Travel tips

Travel FAQs.
Map of Sicily.